Roland TR-8S updated with FM synth engine and more

The major firmware update claims to make the TR-8S “the most complete drum machine ever”.

roland tr-8s


Roland’s TR-8S has been updated with a new version 2.0 firmware, adding FM synthesis features, macro controls, setting recall and instrument effects.

Roland say that the Morph feature for the new FM engine offers “an ultra-expressive macro control that lets you sweep through an array of tonal variations, wildly manipulating FM depth, ratio, and feedback…all with a simple twist of a knob”. The new Reload feature allows you to jump instantly back to previous settings, while instrument effects include saturation, 3D spread, frequency shifting and ring modulation.

You can check out the version 2.0 features in the brand’s new demo video:

The TR-8S already featured in our list of the 10 Best drum machines, and the new upgrades only serve to make it more appealing.

The Roland TR-8S is priced at £528.

Roland’s Cloud Academy event is ongoing throughout August and September, including online seminars focusing on the TR-8S. Scroll down for more info and to see the original firmware of the TR-8S in action.

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