Pioneer DJ host The Speaker’s Corner at J2v

Panel discussions and films from Junction 2’s virtual festival include ruminations on the roots of techno and long-term change in the music industry.


Presented as part of Junction 2’s J2v virtual festival last weekend, Pioneer DJ hosted a five-hour programme of panel discussions and films which you can now watch in full on the brand’s Facebook page.

The programme includes:

Panel 1 – Say It Loud
Film 1 – Detroit, The Blueprint of Techno
Panel 2 – Techno, Music of Unity and Resistance
Film 2 – Dance or Die
Panel 3 – Deeds Not Words
Film 3 – I Was There When House Took Over The World

In Say It Loud, Mixmag editor Ralph Moore was joined by Derrick Carter, Carl Craig, Seth Troxler and DJ Holographic to discuss topics including race and the issues with festival line-ups. Techno, Music of Unity and Resistance focussed on Sama’ Abdulhadi, Union Collective and techno in Palestine. In Deeds Not Words, Sonos’s Shakira Payne talked to three industry insiders about how the music world can ensure long-term changes.

You can watch the whole thing here.

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