Denon’s Engine Prime software updated to version 1.5

The DJ brand’s software gets updated with a new BPM detection algorithm, sync manager and more.

Denon Engine Prime

Denon have announced a major update to Engine Prime, their library manager, analysis software and playlist/crate editor broadly similar to Pioneer’s Rekordbox.

Version 1.5 introduces a brand new Sync Manager option to transfer music to devices, a new BPM detection algorithm, quick track preview, batch editing of metadata and new backup features.

It’s no secret that Denon are making huge strides in the DJ market, taking on Pioneer’s CDJ players and DDJ controllers. Engine Prime is a much younger package than Rekordbox, so it’s understandably less developed than the Pioneer alternative, but this version 1.5 update takes it a big step closer to Rekordbox’s feature set.

The brand explain all in their video below:

Engine Prime 1.5 is available now as a free download for all Denon users. The software is compatible with all Denon DJ controllers and media players, including the forthcoming SC6000 Prime.

Scroll down to see the new Prime 2 and Prime Go standalone players in action.

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