Behringer unveil new MonoPoly analogue synth

Behringer’s new MonoPoly is an analogue synth inspired by an early 80s Korg classic.

behringer monopoly

Freshly announced by Behringer, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the MonoPoly is very heavily inspired by the classic Korg Mono/Poly from 1981, a four-voice paraphonic synth that fetches thousands of pounds on the secondhand market.

You can watch Behringer’s intro video above. The synth is simple but sounds gorgeous, with four oscillators and one filter allowing it to be played in monophonic, unison or paraphonic mode (paraphonic meaning multiple notes at once, but all through the same filter).

No word yet on pricing, but the £464.99 price point of the DeepMind 6 seems like a good reference point here.

The Behringer Monopoly release date is to be confirmed. We’ll keep you posted. Scroll down to check out the original Korg Mono/Poly in action.

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