New Moog Subharmonicon is a modular-friendly analogue oddball

Originally an ultra-limited production for Moogfest 2018, the synth is due in stock this month.


Rumours have circulated for a while that Moog were due to release a production run of the Subharmonicon, originally produced as a limited edition instrument for the Moogfest gathering in 2018. The brand has now confirmed that the synth will go on general sale, with the production version due to arrive this month, priced at £739.

Described as a semi-modular polyrhythmic analogue synthesiser, the Subharmonicon is inspired by two primitive analogue instruments, the Mixtur-Trautonium and the Rhythmicon of the 1930s and 1940s.

With dual sequencers and the ability to play six-tone subharmonic chords, it’s unlike anything else made by Moog. It’s also distinctly modular-friendly, playing nicely with Moog’s own Mother-32 and DFAM, while also capable of being hooked up to Eurorack gear.

You can see the Subharmonicon in action above, or scroll down to hear a demo track by Suzanne Ciani and more info on the features. The Moog Subharmonicon is due to arrive this month, priced at £739.
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