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Pioneer DJM-V10: the new flagship DJ mixer

Pioneer’s new top-of-the-range DJ mixer looks like a huge step up from the DJM-900NXS2, introducing a wealth of new features in a six-channel design.


We had a feeling Pioneer DJ might be plotting something. We were right. At the NAMM trade show in California this week, the giant DJ brand unveiled a brand new top-of-the-range mixer, the DJM-V10.

The most obvious feature of the V10’s design is the increased channel count from recent Pioneer mixers, stepping up to a six-channel design reminiscent of the old DJM-1000. But beyond the added channels there are a huge number of departures from the usual Pioneer formula here.

In what seems to be a change of design philosophy for Pioneer, there are some interesting new approaches to various sections of the mixer. There are dedicated single-knob compressors on each channel input, four-band EQs and a reimagined approach to filter control with a dedicated cutoff frequency knob on each channel. Moving down the channel strip, there’s also a redesigned effects section with two external sends and a send level knob per channel.

In terms of master controls, there’s a new three-band master isolator, a two-band EQ on the booth output and two completely separate headphone output sections, each with their own controls to help control monitoring during b2b sessions.

The similarities with the Allen & Heath Xone mixers are notable here. There are plenty of features that might just make fans of Xone mixers jump ship. There’s also more than a hint of the Richie Hawtin-designed PLAYdifferently Model 1, which is certainly no bad thing for techno DJs.

The DJM-V10 wil be available later this month, priced at £2,799.
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Scroll down for Pioneer’s overview video and more photos.

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