Moog Subsequent 25 is the legendary brand’s new compact synth

Moog’s new analogue synth is a spiritual successor to the old Sub Phatty. The iconic brand signed up Flying Lotus to help show it off.


The Subsequent 25 is the latest addition to Moog’s impressive synth range, slotting in below the Subsequent 37 in the legendary brand’s line-up.

Despite the name suggesting it’s a smaller version of the 37, the Subsequent 25 is really more of a successor to the old Sub Phatty. Moog claim it’s the smallest full-size synth they’ve ever made.

From what we’ve heard so far, the 25 is an absolute bass monster, with a two-note paraphonic design based on three oscillators, a Multidrive distortion section and Moog’s iconic ladder filter. The knob-per-function front panel and software patch editor also make it really quick and easy to program.

The Subsequent 25 will be in stock very soon with a suggested retail price of £895.
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Scroll down to watch Moog’s own demo video soundtracked by Flying Lotus, plus more pics.

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