Arturia KeyStep Pro combines keyboard and sequencer

KeyStep Pro might just be the ideal combination of controller keyboard and polyphonic multi-track sequencer.


Freshly announced by Arturia at the NAMM trade show in California, the KeyStep Pro is a 37-key controller combined with a multi-track sequencer.

Falling somewhere in between the brand’s existing KeyStep and BeatStep Pro, this looks like an ideal solution for a lot of different workflows, both in the studio and in a live setting. The keyboard is fairly standard stuff, with velocity and aftertouch sensitivity, plus touch strips for pitch and mod. The sequencer offers four polyphonic tracks, the first of which can also be used as a dedicated drum sequencer.

What’s really impressive is just how many I/O options you have at your disposal. In addition to a MIDI in and two outs, you’ll find pitch, velocity/mod and gate outputs for each of the sequencer tracks, plus eight individual gate outputs for drums. All of which should make the Pro ideal for use with analogue gear and modular setups.

We’re already big fans of the KeyStep, but the Pro takes things to a whole new level. It’ll be arriving very soon, priced at £339.
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Scroll down for Arturia’s demo video and more photos.

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