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Yves De Mey patches at night

The Belgian sound designer will release an EP on adventurous Antwerp label Entr’acte.

Scrolling through the discography of Entr’acte and you’ll discover a wealth of obscure, lesser known talent in the realm of electronic sound manipulation alongside a smattering or more recognisable names to those that keep ears to the ground. This past year Entr’acte has procured music from Argentinian (and one time Mika Vainio collaborator) Lucio Capece, Julien Palomo and Brendan Dougherty to the anonymous ||| ||| project. Wade further and you’ll find previous releases from Anthoney J Hart, aka Imaginary Forces, Strategy, Sam Kidel and Ekster’s Roman Hiele. The label now welcomes in the flowing signal paths of Belgian artist Yves De Mey with a four-track EP called Late-Night Patching 1, a record that’s been described as “the sound of staying home while others roam the streets at night.”

It provides De Mey with his first solo release following his Drawn With Shadow Pens album Spectrum Spools released earlier this year, in addition to a track called “228r” which snuck its way on to a split release with Martin J Thompson’s Pokk! project via the London-based SM-LL label. For the tech heads out there, De Mey has personally imparted that Late-Night Patching 1 is the result of “a short test phase with modular software, mimicking traditional synth modules,” and he goes on to explain that “all four tracks allude to a rave past, a history of repetitive and nervous patterns brought together in simple structures.” Earlier this year we profiled Dey Mey and you can preview the EP below, while for more information of the release and its visually amusing limited editions visit the Entr’acte website.

Entr’acte will release Late-Night Patching 1 by Yves De Mey in August.


1. And Now The Movie
2. Eight Steps Of Karplus
4. White Noise Spring

Entr’acte on Juno