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Príncipe reveal label compilation

Niagara, Nídia Minaj and Blacksea Não Mayahe are among the contributors to the 23-track Mambos Levis D’Outro Mundo.

With the spotlight increasingly focussed on Príncipe to showcase the many strains of electronic music present in Lisbon, the label has really stepped up to the task over the past 12 months with the momentum of an impressive 2015 maintained by the arrival of Chapa Quente by DJ Marfox. Landing as the first Príncipe transmission of 2016, Chapa Quente was something of a triumphant return for DJ Marfox who inaugurated the label back in 2011. Those seeking a look into Marlon Silva’s earlier Marfox productions should check the recent Revolução 2005 – 2008 retrospective on Boomkat Editions.

Príncipe now return with a more comprehensive overview of the Lisbon scene in the shape of Mambos Levis D’Outro Mundo, a rather weighty 23-track CD and digital compilation available direct from the label that pulls together contributions from label regulars such as Niagara. Nidiah Minaj, DJ Marfox among others. In lieu of any press notes regarding their debut entry into label compilations, Príncipe offer the following extract of an 1973 interview with Amílcar Cabral, a noted anti-colonial, socialist thinker of Guinea-Bissauan and Cape Verdean descent:

“As to strategy, we learned in the struggle; some people think that we adopted a foreign method, or something like this. Our principle is that each people have to create its own struggle. Naturally, we have something to learn from the experience that can be adapted to the real situation of the country. But we bettered our struggle in the culture of our people, in the realities of our country, historical, economical, cultural, etc, and we developed the struggle, supported by our people which is the first and main condition: the support of the people.”

The release of Mambos Levis D’Outro Mundo comes ahead of a Príncipe Discos event at London venue ICA on July 28, organised with Lisbon-loving label Warp and Just Jam. More information on that can be found here.

Príncipe will release Mambos Levis D’Outro Mundo by Various Artists on July 20.


1. DJ Nunex & DJ Famifox – Intro Ludhiana (Indian Music)
2. DJ CiroFox – Moments
3. DJ Lycox – Dor Do Koto
4. DJ Danifox feat Deejay Ary – Dorme Bem
5. DJ TL – Deep House
6. DJ Lilocox – La Party
7. DJ Marfox – Swaramgami
8. DJ Firmeza – Tungada Rija
9. K30 – Hora do FL
10. Niagara – Alexandrino
11. Nídia Minaj – Festive
12. DJ Nigga Fox – Lua
13. DJ Dadifox -What Percusion
14. Babaz Fox & DJ Bebedera -Tarraxei No Box
15. DJ Maboku -Ruba Soldja
16. DJ Safari -Tempo Do Xakazulu
17. Puto Anderson – Domingo De Paz
18. Puto Márcio – Não Queiras Ser
19. DJ NinOo & DJ Wayne – Cabrito
20. Puto Adriano – Estilo Underground
21. DJ Nervoso – Lunga Lunga
22. DJ Adifox – Penso Em Ti
23. Blacksea Não Maya – Melodias Rádicas

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