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Ecstatic compile the Works of Abul Mogard

Not Waving’s label gathers together rarities from the Serbian producer’s catalogue.

It would seem that Sam Willis and Alessio Natalizia have taken Serbian pensioner-turned-synthesist Abul Mogard under their wing on the Ecstatic label. Last year they released both the cassette release, The Sky Had Vanished, and the Circular Forms album. After Mogard’s personal, private reflections about life after decades of work in a Belgrade factory, the latter release represented a fresh creative focus for the drone-concerned artist. Prior to the support from Ecstatic however, Mogard’s music was found making its way to tape for Steve Moore’s VCO Records label, with a self-titled debut and Drifted Heaven both produced in limited quantities.

Ecstatic have now set about making some of that initial material from 2012 more widely available, and on vinyl for the first time. Simply titled Works, the double-LP affair features nine tracks taken from Abul Mogard and Drifted Heaven, as well as featuring all the music originally released on last year’s The Sky Had Vanished tape. Mogard has however gone in to edit down some of the pieces, which were originally clocking in run times of up to 18 minutes, ensuring the sizable material can fit comfortably on two discs. While we await the release of the compilation, you can listen to “Desires Are Reminisces By Now” from The Sky Had Vanished in the SoundCloud player below.

Ecstatic will release Works by Abul Mogard on June 10.


1. Despite Faith
2. Drooping Off
3. The Purpose Of Peace
4. Post-crisis Remembrance
5. Tumbling Relentless Heaps
6. Airless Linger
7. The Sky Had Vanished
8. Desires Are Reminiscences By Now
9. Staring At The Sweeps Of The Desert

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