Rezzett give Omar Souleyman the Rerezz treatment

Stream the mystery production unit’s rework of the Syrian singer due imminently on The Trilogy Tapes and Palace’s joint venture. 

Last month we brought the news Will Bankhead’s label The Trilogy Tapes had formed a new alliance with skate brand Palace with the debut joint release coming from Mix Mup and Kassem Mosse’s infrequent MM/KM project. Today saw that record released at The Trilogy Tapes online store along with a second TTTPALACE 12″ featuring the surprise configuration of Omar Souleyman and Rezzett. Presented with no further information, the Heli Yuweli 12″ features an all new track from the prolific, veteran Syrian musician complemented by two remixes from the mysterious Rezzett. The second remix, mockingly dubbed a Rerezz, can be streamed in full below with few remnants of Souleyman remaining amidst the pair’s crunched up sonics.