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Niagara set to land on Videogamemusic

Canas sees the Portugese group go deeper into live jam experimentation.

Our wholehearted support of Niagara is no secret. Since we first clocked their work on Lisbon label Principé we’ve enjoyed watching the multi-instrumental three piece grow in stature, signing up to From The Depths earlier this year before returning to their first label for the Impar EP in June. In the mean time we managed to score a podcast from the Arruda brothers Alberto and António and Sara Eckerson, featuring a snapshot into a sound in constant unpredictable flux. It figures that labels outside of their immediate vicinity would start to pick up on this quality in the group as well, and so videogamemusic have commissioned a full 54-minute tape from Niagara.

They will be amongst good company there, with two previous various artists compilations featuring new music from Beatrice Dillon, S Olbricht, Filter Dread, Perfume Advert, Stefan Jós and many more choice vagabonds of the modern electronic music playground, not to mention other intriguing outings from artists such as Nadia Khan and most recently DJ Hotel. According to Sam Bristow, the founder of the South London tape label, Niagara were told, “they could do whatever they wanted, use videogamemusic as a platform for playful experimentation and to have as much fun as possible (as I tell all the artists), and they sent me this a couple weeks later.”

We have an exclusive stream of seven-minute jam “Orion” available for you to indulge in below, and it certainly gives you a feel for the loose, jammed-out post punk mood Niagara appear to be on this time around. It certainly adds more fuel to the notion that these three young Portuguese artists are going to keep surprising us at every turn.

Videogamemusic will release Canas by Niagara in late September.


1. Oscar
2. 106
3. Orion
4. Nameco
5. Pneu
6. Boda Dos Pássaros
7. Incendiada
8. Islington Inn
9. Loa
10. Vermelh

Header image by Marta Pina

Niagara on Juno