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Senking returns with Closing Ice

Senking blk

The revered Raster-Noton artist to release a fifth studio album on the experimental German label.

Jens Massel’s Senking alias may not have the profile of Raster-Noton founders Olaf Bender, Carsten Nicolai and Frank Bretschneider, however the Cologne-born artist played an integral role in the label’s early development. Senking’s first official Raster-Noton release was the Tap LP from 2000 that landed in between music by Mika Vainio, Wolfgang Voigt and Andreas Tilliander’s Mokira project. Massel has remained a regular on the label by releasing a stream of albums and EPs over the years with Pong from 2010 an office favourite, and news has now surfaced Senking will deliver Raster-Noton a fifth studio album entitled Closing Ice, a nine-track LP providing Massel with his first since Capsize Recovery.

It will provide Raster-Noton with a fourth full length for the year following Frank Bretschneider’s tonal Sinn + Form, the classical, stratospheric ambience of Alva Noto’s Xerrox Vol.3 and Dasha Rush’s Sleepstep, which Nic Tuohey believes “showcases new dimensions to her continually expanding aesthetic.” So far Raster-Noton have only teased out a 48-second trailer of the album and for an idea of the sounds and aesthetic Closing Ice is going for check out the YouTube player below.

Raster-Noton will release Closing Ice by Senking on September 25.



1. Scouts And Spies
2. Serpent
3. Dustclouds
4. Grolar
5. Winter Brevet
6. Lighthouse Hustle
7. Swarming
8. Hitchhiker Perspective
9. Miller’s Meadow