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Koova – This Is Not My Future

Koova, aka London Modular Alliance member Gavin Pykerman, has only a small catalogue of releases, but has put out music under this banner on some of the most respected modern electro labels, including AC Records, Abstract Forms and Brokntoys. Adding to that list is This Is Not My Future, which is issued on the acclaimed CPU imprint. While the Koova sound is rooted in classic electro and techno sounds, there is no sense of the frosty purism that often prevails on new school, retro-facing releases.

Koova - This Is Not My Future
This Is Not My Future
Central Processing Unit
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Opening track “Retro Transformer” is led by warbling acid and dramatic chord stabs, while claps roll and robot ticks and squiggles flit through the arrangement. Pykerman’s sponge-like abilities are also audible on the title track. This time, the techno chords sound more dramatic and ominous and accompany a speak and spell vocal that intones the track’s title over an insistent, shuffling rhythm. While both opening salvos show that Pykerman has an impressive knowledge of the form’s history, the next two tracks also dip in and out of electronic music’s past, but the results are more impressive.

“Distant” isn’t as dance floor friendly, but its drawn out rhythm is powered by a malevolent, rumbling bass and eerie synths that float through the arrangement like a malcontented supernatural force. Closing the release is “In Search Of”. Crisp Linn drums and dramatic stabs that sound like they were borrowed from the  Art of Noise kick start the arrangement, before Pykerman lays down wide-eyed synths and a brilliant, acid-coated bass that nags more effectively at the listener than a Greek fisherman’s wife.

Koova is clearly of the mindset that electro can be pushed forward through combining elements from its past in fresh, original ways – with , and “In Search Of” in particular, he proves that there is serious merit in this approach.

Richard Brophy


A1. Retro Transformer
A2. This Is Not My Future
B1. Distant
B2. In Search Of