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CFCF explores The Colours of Life

The Montreal producer has a new album due on 1080p in August. 

With a discography of wistful electronic pop and new age experiments that includes releases for RVNG Intl, UNO, Dummy Records, and Paperbag Records, it’s clear Mike ‘CFCF’ is one of the more established artists to pop up on Rich McFarlane’s 1080p label. First surfacing on the Acéphale label back in 2009, Silver has been a prolific presence ever since, complementing the aforementioned label output with a wedge of self-released material that has established him as Montreal’s foremost “MOR investigator”. Indeed its little surprise to hear that an upcoming release on 1080p will arrive soon after a new album, Radiance and Submission, is issued on Brooklyn label Driftless Recordings.

CFCF will debut on 1080p as part of the Vancouver label’s August batch of releases with The Colours Of Life which features 12 compositions that Silver began working on as far back as 2011 when the producer was living in Paris, and play out as one long continuous 40-minute piece. A press release for The Colours Of Life reveals inspiration came from Phil Collins track “Hand in Hand” and the “once-ironic uplifters from the Windham Hill label” and also quotes Silver detailing at length his motivations for how the album plays out.

“Initially it was just one song, and then for whatever reason I had the idea to have that one morph into another one, and then another one, and eventually I had 12 pure pop instrumentals leading into each other. It was fun for me because having 2-3 minutes per song and a larger structure meant I could write small simple chord progressions and melodies that I maybe wouldn’t have explored on single tracks, and it meant I could go and meander here and get really specific there. There are a lot of obvious influences all over, like the aforementioned Phil track, a lot of Manuel Gottsching, Suzanne Ciani, and tons of different individual balearic tracks.”

1080p will release The Colours Of Life by CFCF on August 14.


1. The Colours Of Life

1080p on Juno

Header image courtesy of Camille Boyer