General Elektro returns with Busen

The duo will provide the Atelier offshoot with its first release since 2011.

One of the more enigmatic labels skirting the Sex Tags and Acido affiliated universe is General Elektro, a sister operation to Atelier Records, a label that’s put out music by SVN & Takashi Wada’s friendly Tase project, two great Adopo 12″s and other music by mystery outfit Don’t. General Elektro, however, was launched in 2009 with an untitled EP from yet another SVN collaboration with DNL called AU – the one’s behind Wania classic “It Takes Time” – and the group put out a further two records before the label’s last transmission in 2011 which came courtesy of Busen’s self-titled General Elektro debut.

Busen, rumoured to be a collaboration between Sex Tags man DJ Sotofett and General Elektro/Atelier founder Daniel Pflumm, has so far released three records; in addition to the aforementioned GE release, they’ve shared two 12″s with Dreevsn on Sex Tags Mania and Wania, with the latter featuring the vocal talents of Paleo Logos, a voice you’ll also find on SUED’s third release. The double 12″ vinyl release titled GE BU 4, has been described as an “industrially minimalistic, generously coherent & truly acidic LP in the vain (sp) of techno,” that’s made for “beautifull and trippy pieces spaceously cut for sonically heavy playback on soundsystems & home stereos.” Preview the clips over at Juno.

Generak Elektro will release GE BU 4 by Busen in July.


A1. Ganz Kurzen Ding
A2. Octo
B1. Gulf
B2. Totti
C1. Elektrocity
C2. Nicht-Huselbu
C3. Brumm
D1. LSD-Tier