The Hieroglyphic Being Experience – Methods Of Transfer Book I

Tabernacle has had a relatively quiet 2015, but that’s set to change with the release of a number of releases in the coming months, the first of which is Methods of Transfer Book 1. Comprising music that was improvised during a performance in New York, this release also sees Jamal Moss’ original productions re-interpreted by like-mind John Heckle.

The Hieroglyphic Being Experience - Methods Of Transfer Book I
The Hieroglyphic Being Experience
Methods Of Transfer Book I
Tabernacle Records
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“Create/Objects 1” is classic Hieroglyphic Being: the bass booms with an industrial/hardcore aggression, the acid lines bleep and shriek like a malfunctioning power station and he pushes his trademark steely snares to the point of distortion. “Create/Objects II” is much more understated; the kettle drums are tinny and the rhythm lo-fi. Indeed, apart from the odd burst of I.B.M-style noise, it feels like Moss is getting in touch with his softer side. This suspicion is confirmed when a mysterious synth is introduced near the end of the arrangement.

Moss is not alone in looking at his own work afresh and John Heckle’s interpretations also point to a producer who is taking stock of his musical circumstances. The UK producer’s “Signal to Noise Re: Vision” isn’t too far removed from some of his Head Front Panel work. The beats are distorted and the groove lurches, but the same kind of swirling synths and slightly detuned riffs that are audible on HFP releases are present here.

Heckle takes a much bigger leap into the unknown on his “Reprise_Reflect Version”. It starts off with an acidic intro and sounds stripped back and even under-produced, but soon enough Heckle introduces a funk bass, woozy synth lines and melodic guitar chimes. It’s wonderfully spaced out house music and in a just world, would constitute a left field summer anthem. Until that happens, “Reprise_Reflect Version” will remain one of the highlights in Heckle and Tabernacle’s catalogue.

Richard Brophy


A1 Create / Objects I
A2 John Heckle Reprise_Reflect Version
B1 John Heckle Signal to Noise Re:Vision
B2 Create / Objects II