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Nochexxx is a Plot Defender

Dave Henson’s third album of savage electronics will appear on the Type label later this month.

There are many strings to Dave Henson’s musical bow, from his roots in post-rock outfit Gwei-Lo to accomplished electronica and minimal under his Ascoltare guise. Meanwhile the past couple of years have borne witness to a flurry of tapes and LPs on Further and Feral Tapes as CHXFX, touching on plenty more experimental pastures and touches of industrial noise, including a split tape with Ekoplekz in PLKZFX mode. However it’s the Nochexxx moniker that has been most prominent of late, having delivered a particularly unhinged twist on 4/4 dynamics through a multitude of singles and album for Ramp as well as reaching back to an early appearance on Werk Discs.

A third Nochexxx album entitled Plot Defender has been announced today, scheduled to arrive through Type Records later this month and it finds Henson in as obtuse a manner as ever. It’s a fine tightrope walk between lo-fi punk electronics and catchy hooks which comes over as ludicrous as it is cool. For existing fans it should be a no-brainer, and it may even charm a few new listeners in these distortion-friendly times. There are equally a few cheeky nods to electronica heroes of yesteryear (including the excellently titled Drexciya tribute “Stinson Fish”), all in all making it a thoroughly fun listen.

Type will releases Plot Defender by Nochexxx on April 27.


1. Clipped Butterfly
2. Infected People
3. The Box
4. Between Two Stations
5. Leading Bleeds
6. Plot Defender
7. Arbury Flowers
8. Jungle Crash
9. Last Club On Da Left
10. Rusted Phoenix
11. Coin Collector
12. Stinson Fish
13. Death Wobbles
14. Switch Countach