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Hydergine gets the Irwin Barbé treatment

Watch a suitably slo motion ‘video haiku’ for the Italian artist’s forthcoming CLFT release. 

Cast your browsers back to last year and we were introduced to Lyon collective CLFT through one of Irwin Barbé’s most ambitious visual commissions to date, a 45 minute video to the soundtrack of 2030′s cassette The World Is On Track For Disaster. After some soul searching through the “abyss of Soundcloud” for an artist to occupy their second tape release, CLFT have turned to a close associate of 2030 in Hydergine with both Italians responsible for the Ranges label. A further degree of consistency is retained with Barbé again enlisted to bring his own visual interpretation to the table with two treatments to accompany the tracks “Polarized” and “Escape”.

The former can be viewed over at German platform Elektroaktivisten whilst we have been granted the first public viewing of the latter. When assessing music videos it’s always handy to have some words from the creators themselves and the label was kind enough to forward Irwin Barbé’s thoughts on his motivations behind the videos:

“When Simon (from CLFT) made me listen to the Hydergine tape, we couldn’t help but think about water. I read a lot about the relations between humans and water and discovered lots of fascinating theories (like the aquatic ape hypothesis). It gave me the idea of these two really slow, minimal video haikus, one filmed entirely through water reflections, and the other one emerged from water but in which all the elements had a dream-like aquatic feeling, and a human silhouette, moving, dancing, drowning, in this sea of textured sounds and slowed down images.”