Actress enters the Bird Matrix

Set aside 13 minutes of your day for a track appearing on the artist’s forthcoming DJ Kicks mix.

In time honoured DJ-Kicks tradition, Darren Cunningham’s forthcoming induction into the mix series includes an exclusive production from the man himself called “Bird Matrix”. At the time !K7 announced this 49th edition, a press release quoted Cunningham revealing the track originated from his post-Ghettovile writing sessions  “My studio was going through a transition, so I was testing all the equipment, and that was one of the first tunes that came out of those experiments”.

Within the context of the forthcoming mix, “Bird Matrix” appears towards its closure, slipped between Hank Jackson’s wonderfully bizarre “Track 3” and the Gherkin Jerks finale. Therefore it’s quite nice to get the chance to bask in the track’s full sweeping 13-minute glory, as you can below, and we only hope “Bird Matrix” is included on the schedule for !K7’s recently revived DJ-Kicks 12″ series.