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Analogue Solutions collaborate with Vince Clarke


The synthesiser manufacturers have developed a MIDI to CV calibration system with the English synth pop musician.

It’s been well documented former Depeche Mode and Yazoo audiophile Vince Clarke knows his way around a synthesiser, which is why many noodlers out there will find news that he’s teamed up with British synth manufacturer Analogue Solutions to combat a common complication inherent to modular synthesis welcoming. Clarke has helped develop a self contained Eurorack module that’s designed to minimise calibration problems that can hinder the performance of tuning and scaling both vintage synthesisers and modern VCO Eurorack modules. Clarke’s own VCM & VCS Auto Tune System, explained in the entertaining-come-technical video below is, “a kind of all in one MIDI to CV converter with auto calibration,” that can compensate for VCO alignment issues and environmental factors that cause tuning drift.

Analogue Solutions have further explained the product is not fool proof when it comes to fixing the problems of faulty circuitry, however they say Clarke’s design will “save time and money on re–calibration, and ensure the technical side of synth ownership doesn’t impinge on the creative process.” Said to have been tested at length on many makes and models of synthesiser, the VCM and VCS Auto Tune System comes packed with Digital Automatic Audio Gain Control Circuitry (DAGCC) which means either unit is compatible with most synthesiser outputs, and for additional information and explanation visit the websites of Vince Clarke and Analogue Solutions.

The VCM & VCS Auto Tune System by Clarke and Analogue Solutions is available now.