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Novation reveals Launchpad Pro


The grid-based controller gets a major redesign, with new velocity-sensitive pads aimed at creating melodies as well as beats.

Back in 2009, Novation released the Launchpad, a grid-based controller aimed largely at triggering samples in Ableton Live and sketching out beats. Since then the model has had a modest refresh in the form of the Launchpad S, and been joined by a mini version of the controller and the Launchcontrol unit with knobs and faders for mixing.

Despite these changes, the Launchpad has started to look a bit long in the tooth next to similar controllers like Ableton’s Push and Native Instruments’ Maschine. Novation is obviously aiming to bring the controller up to date with the latest iteration, the Launchpad Pro. Featuring velocity and pressure-sensitive pads, the controller will be better suited to those who want to make beats than its predecessors, which weren’t velocity sensitive.

As well as full RBG pads capable of displaying a greater range of colours, matching the clip view on Live, the main enhancement is the new “Note Mode”, which turns the grid into an instrument capable of displaying scales and octaves to easily play chords and melodies. On the basis of the video below, the Launchpad Pro should be a much more versatile instrument than its predecessors.

The Launchpad Pro will be released in spring at a price of £229.99.