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Juno Plus Staff Mix Vol. 5: Tony Poland

A growing obsession is on full display as our editor raids his collection of tapes for a 90-minute mix of ambient, crunched electronics and noise.  

Not content with continually adding to what is already a healthy record collection, this year has seen me fully embrace the cassette tape as a format I need more and more of in my life. Anyone that saunters past my desk at Juno Plus HQ would have to be pretty blind to miss the every growing pile of tapes that occupies a sizeable space – the above image should give you an idea of where it’s currently at. I’m not quite sure where it started, but the Modern Malaise tape from Lily on No Corner was the cassette where the obsession really took hold and it’s undoubtedly my favourite release this year on any format.

Being the sharing kind, this latest edition of the staff mix series is made up of music from an ever growing tape collection, or should I say the digital files that come bundled with such purchases. Put together using CDJs and a Pioneer mixer fitted with far too many buttons and knobs, some might view this process as cheating, but focusing on the music opposed to method and you’ll see the 18 tracks featured form some of my most enjoyable music discoveries over the past twelve months or so.

Tony Poland


1. rkss – Tryouts (Reject and Fade)
2. Galcher Lustwerk – Global Style (Pacific Psychedelic Tapes)
3. Seekersinternational – DubConception (No Corner)
4. Jack Jutson – Loose Truth (Mood Hut)
5. Sias – Jeweln’Darlin (Farbweschel)
6. Exoteric Continent – Correu Urgent (More Records)
7. Stefan Jos – People On The Bridge (Where To Now?)
8. VIA APP – I Came To Win (1080p)
9. Ivy Barkakati – Inhibitor (Hospital Productions)
10. AL 90 – Brain Damage (Reckno)
11. Pye Corner Audio – Electronic Rhythm Number Twelve (Further)
12. Gut Nose – Wasteland Battlefield (Self Released)
13. Lnrdcroy – Land, Repair, Refuel (1080p)
14. Maxxxbass – Under Water Bubbles (Born Free Records)
15. Derek Rogers – You Don’t Think In Terms Of Trains (Umor Rex)
16. Pankow – Das Vodkalied (Helena Hauff remix) (Contort Yourself)
17. Gay Cat Park – I’m A Vocoder (Crash Symbols)
18. DJ Guy – Unknown (Crisis Urbana)