Jaures predicts the future for Die Orakel

Listen to the third release on Oliver Hafenbauer’s delightfully strange label from the unheralded Jaures. 

Live At Robert Johnson music director Oliver Hafenbauer set up the low profile Die Orakel last summer – possibly to cater to his own personal tastes – and the results so far have been most compelling. The label has swiftly cultivated a distinctive aestheric, coaxing contributions out of some of Germany’s stranger exponents of electronic music (Christian Beißwenger, Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup, Gilles ‘Edward’ Aiken) and presenting the records with some obscure yet bold imagery. News on a third Die Orakel release has slipped through the ether and it finds the label plunging wholesale into the unknown and coming back to the other side with three tracks from the unheralded Jaures, with little accompanying information beyond the statement “Jaures predict unborn futures and fates”.

Some time spent with our preferred search engine offers up little more information beyond the suggestion Jaures is wedged among the mass of producers that call Berlin home. However, their forthcoming Thomas Mann-referencing debut 12″ Tsoyberbarg shouldn’t be simply classed ‘Berlin techno’ on the basis of the below preview, with the three tracks seemingly equally concerned with exploring aspects of UK hardcore.