D’Marc Cantu enters Parisian Summer

French label Desire Records will release a five-track EP from the Nation and M>O>S artist in July.

Does the world need more D’Marc Cantu? As far as Juno Plus and, it seems a whole host of record labels are concerned, yes it does. News of the producer’s forthcoming debut for the consistently adventurous Desire represents the fourth release of the year so far from D’Marc Cantu, having already seen The Long Weekend issued via regular outlet M>O>S Recordings as well as inaugurating the 1210 series from Belfast upstarts One Electronica and appearing on fledgling NYC label Ansatz. Desire are no strangers to working wirth Cantu, having enlisted the producer to remix “I Love You” by Ricardo Tobar as part of the 12″ that preceded the Chilean’s undervalued Trellis LP, and are now set to formalise the relationship with a full single release.

Due in early July, the genesis for the Parisian Summer 12″ dates back to Cantu’s experience of playing the Weather Festival in the French capital last year, with a press release revealing that three of the tracks were created ahead of his scheduled performance “with the purpose of capturing that raw energy that was being given off by some of the best crowds I’ve ever witnessed”. Cantu also reveals the A3 production “Uneven” has been lifted from his personal archives, having originally recorded it several years ago but that it “never found it’s right place until this project came along. It sits squarely in middle of a relaxing dream and a feverish nightmare, truly Uneven”.

Desire will release the Parisian Summer 12″ by D’Marc Cantu on July 7.


A1. Irregular Bedfellows
A2. MadDance
A3. Uneven
B1. Partydaze
B2. Svetlana