Gifted & Blessed introduces the Technoindigenous Studies

GB 590The Los Angeles-based musician will inaugurate a new series of releases under the name Frankie Reyes.

Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker has been producing his soul-filled machine music under a number of aliases for roughly 12 years, with his work under the Gifted & Blessed and GB guises latterly finding wider appreciation thanks to releases on Eglo, All City and Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats label. Last year’s GB album Within These Machines saw Reyes-Whittaker confidently take up the mantle of conductor, engineer and composer to deliver perhaps his most accomplished work to date, demonstrating a wilfully experimental approach that commands repeat listening to this day.

Last seen pushing buttons on a production for Night Slugs vocalist Kelela, news now surfaces that the Los Angeles-based musician has conjured up another alias for the purpose of a new series of releases on his own Gifted & Blessed label. The Technoindigenous Studies series finds Reyes-Whittaker working under the name Frankie Reyes for a planned series of three records that further explore his unique sound. Proceedings commence next month with a limited edition four-track 7″ that melds ethnic field recordings from various parts of the world with his signature analogue electronic textures, with the results offering a pleasingly diverse collection on the basis of the brief preview available to stream below.

Gifted & Blessed will release Technoindigenous Studies EP No. 1 by Frankie Reyes on June 3.


A1. Studies 1-2
B1. Studies 3-4