Call Super returns with Depicta/Acephale II

Call SuperThe Berlin-based producer will release the two-track 12″ on the Houndstooth label next month.

JR Seaton is arguably one of the Houndstooth label’s core artists, having inaugurated the label back in February of last year with the excellent The Present Tense EP which saw him combining intricately textured melodic elements with more forthright techno rhythms. The producer followed that up with the Black Octagons 12″ in September, which provided three even more floor-focused tracks that showed a clear progression towards his individual take on techno. It comes as little surprise then, that Seaton should be returning to Houndstooth with another 12″ due for release next month.

A noted fan of deliberately obtuse press releases – his last record came with a description that read like a generative spam email – the only text to accompany this record is the similarly baffling sentence: “City weight cut loose with forgetfulness. Empty head every time I enter. Wire maze got combed.” The music itself is more straightforward, offering two more examples of Seaton’s growing production prowess and features some great artwork.

Houndstooth will release Depicta/Acephale II on 12″ and digital formats on May 19.

Call Super - HTH021


1. Depicta
2. Acephale II