Forward Strategy Group return with new material

Forward Strategy Group return to Perc Trax with a new EP entitled The New Formal.

Formed in 2008,  Al Matthews and Patrick Walker’s Forward Strategy Group project have become a central element of Ali Wells’ Perc Trax label with a series of EPs preceding last year’s well received debut album Labour Division. The forthcoming New Formal EP represents the pair’s first material since that album, and apparently builds on their Perc Trax output to date by combining the emotive content of Labour Division with the harder hitting industrial sounds of their previous EPs.

“We’re Looking For Manpower” sees Forward Strategy Group apply processional organ sounds and tremolo-effected keys on top of compounded beats, while the swung and broken-beat rhythms of “Clean Neckline” strikes with bullish force amidst a seething flurry of distortion and overdrive. The New Formal also retains lineage with the pair’s Perc Trax debut, with B-Side cut “Code#3” a continuation of the sounds of “Code#1” and “Code#2” from the Combat Code 12″, a track vividly described as brandishing “a snare that could floor a toddler from 50 paces”.

Perc Trax will release The New Formal by Forward Strategy Group on 12″ in May.


A1. We’re Looking For Manpower
A2. Clean Neckline
B1. Code#3