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Shifted – The Cold Light Parts 1 & 2

This writer is unsure if the Avian label is attempting to introduce concepts into their releases with this pair of The Cold Light 12”s from co founder Shifted. The fact all four tracks are named after the title and are subtitled “Sektor” in alphabetical order would hint at some conceptual continuity.

Shifted - The Cold Light Parts 1 & 2
The Cold Light Parts 1 & 2
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What is certain is this suite of tracks demonstrates Shifted willingness to push away from the heavily layered, textured techno sound that prevailed on his excellent Crossed Paths album. Such timing is certainly good; the number of doomy, supposedly industrial-influenced records continues to swell on a weekly basis, as does the amount of producer’s looking to reinvent themselves as purveyors of doom and gloom, replete with the obligatory shot of a derelict apartment block in the background.

“Sektor A” will do a lot to awaken anyone caught up in a neo-industrial trap, its hammering beats, relentless tempo and tough tribal drums fusing the repetitive loop aesthetic with the steely resolve of Blueprint. On the flip, Shifted takes it down a notch, but still impresses with the bleepy, stripped back rhythms of “Sektor B”. It reminds this writer of Sleeparchive, albeit in slightly more playful form. 

There are no such concessions on “Sektor C””, the lead track on Avian 09. Shifted goes for the jugular with sheets of firing percussion and cold synth lines vying for attention over a buzzing, pumping rhythm. It’s the most intense thing that the UK producer has done so far. Shifted offers a different approach on the final installment “Sektor D”; like “B”, the tempo is more relaxed – although this is not the most obvious adjective to use in connection with an artist such as Shifted – but its clicking drums and sinister tones will send more chills down the spine than a shed-load of records caught up with zeitgeist-friendly bombast.

Richard Brophy


A1. The Cold Light (Sektor A)
B1. The Cold Light (Sektor B)
C1. The Cold Light (Sektor C)
D1. The Cold Light (Sektor D)