Listen to a throbbing mix from fresh LIES signing Vereker

Fresh LIES signing Vereker has just uploaded a new mix to his Soundcloud featuring Black Rain, Morphosis, Container and Jeff Mills – listen to it here.

As reported previously, the San Francisco based producer is already an established part of the LIES family, having made grainy, colour saturated VHS videos for Mutant Beat Dance and Two Dogs in a House, though he will soon release a pair of 12″s on the label containing music that reflects the primal, pulsating quality of his videos.

It’s an aesthetic that obviously spills over into his DJ style as this new mix shows; contrasting classic tracks from the likes of Dopplereffekt and Green Velvet with contemporary noise-techno artist Container and the 90s post-punk electronics of Black Rain, Vereker weaves them together into 50 blistering minutes, whose closing moments don’t come recommended for those with a heart condition.