Stream tracks from Opal Tapes’ next batch of cassettes

Cassette label Opal Tapes have shared details of their next batch of releases, from Lumigraph, Uio Loi, COIN and HOLOVR – stream the results here.

Already boasting a discography of over 15 releases, Opal Tapes has cultivated a rich aesthetic over the last year, with highly experimental music and straight up techno all united by a charming yet rough around the edges quality. Making household names out of the likes of Huerco S, MCMXCI and WANDA GROUP so far, the label have posted clips of their next batch of tapes, which can be streamed below.

Each of the four releases come from newcomers to the label, apart from Lumigraph, who has already contributed to the Cold Holiday compilation; Uio Loi’s “Cane 4” seems to be the kind of deeply saturated techno Legowelt might make if he was feeling in a particularly gothic state of mind, while Lumigraph’s “Tampa Awaits” delivers reverb soaked concrete 4/4 with raw synth warbles. The other two releases seem to explore more explicitly industrial avenues; COIN’s “The Woods” is a dark and atmospheric track whose fractured beats and out of focus drones sound like the post-punk influenced techno of Black Rain, Powell and Vatican Shadow, while HOLOVR’s “III” provides a slice of beatless monochromatic electronica.