Pink Skull evoke the spirit of braindance on new release

The Philly based Pink Skull will add Throne Of Blood to their armoury of labels with a forthcoming EP that comes stacked with remixes – stream the results here.

It’s hard to know what to expect from Pink Skull, with the expansive unit based around core members Justin Geller and Julien Grefe equally adept at creating long form psychedelic experiments (see their Clean Plate LP) as the post punk and krautrock referencing mutant disco and electronics of their RVNG INTL output. As the title would suggest, Braindance has Pink Skull looking to the mid 90s micro genre pioneered by Squarepusher and Rephlex for inspiration, manifesting itself most overtly in the amusingly titled “John, I’m Only Braindancing”.

That collaboration with Joe Lentini (Schematic Records) can be heard below along with remixes from Jokers Of The Scene and Jacques Renault & Das Moth ahead of the record’s release at the end of February.