Watch: Bandshell – Landfill

Monochrone strobes sync perfectly with the typically uncompromising slab of slumped techno that is Bandshell’s “Landfill”.

Making your debut appearance on Hessle Audio ensures a certain degree of attention is always going to be thrown your way, but what was truly compelling about Bandshell’s three track Dust March release from last year was the stifling atmosphere and sense of sinking paranoia across each differing track. This is evidently an approach the producer is looking to explore further with “Landfill”, taken from the forthcoming Caustic View EP; its release which marks the third emission from the increasingly interesting Mute sub-label Liberation Technologies, who came to life last year with releases from Laurel Halo side-project King Felix and the previously defunct Regis and Surgeon project British Murder Boys.

Video directed by Nic Hamilton