Watch: Daphni – Pairs

Ahead of the release of Jiaolong, Dan Snaith’s forthcoming full length exploration of the Daphni sound, a simple yet wonderfully kaleidoscopic video has surfaced for album track “Pairs”.

Described as an album dedicated to the small world outside “the mind-numbing predictability of the EDM barfsplosion currently gripping the corporate ravesters”, Jialong is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated last quarter sets of 2012.

We imagine “Pairs” makes for a good taste of what to expect from the chameleonic producer, very much in the sonic lineage of previous Daphni cuts such as “Ye Ye” and “Jiao” and notable for some particularly flatulent analogue bass. The video itself was made by Jane Eastlight, responsible for all Jiaolong artwork thus far along with the luridly brilliant LP cover for Patten’s GLAQJO XAACSSO.