Listen: Scott Fraser – Space And Tapes

Tusk Wax offshoot Horn Wax have scored a veritable coup on their third limited vinyl emission with a slow burning execution from Scott Fraser – stream the track within.

In the space of around 12 months, the Tusk Wax operation has successfully grown into a three pronged attack on the vinyl buying public (they’ve just launched the amusingly branded Porn Wax label) with their dedication to limited vinyl only releases and the somewhat elusive nature of their foundation proving a subtle compliment to the artists involved thus far, with Bicep, Ejeca, Chamboche and Lord of The Isles among the comtributors. “Space And Tapes” is a typical Fraser production and a perfect fit for the Horn Wax operation, as the Glaswegian expertly teases out huge waves of thick cosmic synth hypnosis over some nine minutes.