Listen: Chicago Shags – The Family Album

Chicago Shags, the dusty analogue partnership of Danny ‘Legowelt’ Wolfers and Brian ‘Orgue Electronique’ Chinetti release their debut EP for Aroy Dee’s supreme M>O>S Recordings next week, and you can get an advance listen in full here.

As the Chicago Shags, Wolfers and Chinetti have already contributed excellent releases to Bunker, Crème Organization and Strange Life Recordings and they also hold the title of our favourite Wolfers related pseudonym. In discussion with us last year, Wolfers revealed with typical amusement that the inspiration behind naming themselves Chicago Shags stemmed from a cult 60’s band formed of three sisters called The Shaggs who “couldn’t play instruments, sung out of tune and weren’t the hottest looking.”

For a full review on this excellent release grip here.