Pioneer announce HDJ-1500 headphones

Pioneer have just announced a new addition to their family of DJ headphones, the HDJ-1500.

Sitting between the HDJ-500 and HDJ-2000 models in the range, the press release for the HDJ-1500 makes the now standard claims of copper-clad aluminium wire delivering “accurate reproduction of deep base notes and superbly balanced sound across all frequencies”, but these kind of features are often for nothing if your appreciation of the sound coming out of the headphones is dampened by an overactive (or just plain terrible) soundsystem.  However, the model’s main selling point is a Pioneer developed soundproofing chamber which could give the headphones some advantage over the competition.

According to Pioneer, “sound insulation around low and medium frequencies (300 Hz to 1,300 Hz) has improved by an impressive 4 dB compared to the HDJ-1000” thanks to the soundproofing chamber which supposedly eliminates background noise, all of which is complimented by a narrow ear cup design which creates a tight seal around the ear, while urethane memory foam ear pads are used to ensure maximum comfort – although these are interchangeable with Pioneer’s HDJ-EP01s open cup protein leather earpads if desired.

The headphones also come in black or silver varieties, and although they come with their own pouch, are designed to fit inside Pioneer’s HDJ-HC01 carrying case as well.

No firm release date or UK price has been announced, however the US recommended price is $209. As ever, keep an eye on Juno for details as they emerge.