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Download: BMG & Derek Plaslaiko – When Is She Coming Back (BMG Dub)

As well as being a founding member of Ectomorph, Brendan M Gillen is perhaps one of the most verbose historians of the enduring heritage of Detroit techno.

This talent for telling a tale clearly seeps into his own music, with the accompanying press releases for the various projects he’s involved in reading more like illuminating excerpts from his autobiography. Under the BMG moniker, Gillen recently put out a certifiable jam with part time pizza maker Sal Principato of Liquid Liquid in the shape of “Credit Card” which came with a back story to it that justifies both participants statuses as true characters.

No doubt inspired by this, Gillen has now turned to Derek Plaslaiko, “one of Detroit’s best kept secrets, a core pillar of The Bunker in Brooklyn, now with a residency at Club Der Visionaere in Berlin” for the cheekily titled Is Your Mother Home? which was released last week.

Naturally the 12″ comes with a detailed back story which you can bask in below, not before checking “When Is She Coming Back (BMG Dub)” which is available to download via our Soundcloud.

“The Story of Your Mother:

BMG & Derek met while they both worked at Record TIme, Brendan later hiring Derek to work for his Star 67 Distribution.

Shortly after moving to Detroit in 2006, an era of Ectomorph ended. To find the inspiration to forge a new direction we began throwing a specific type of Detroit underground party. Initially conceived of in a phone call between BMG and Derek Plaslaiko, we wanted a party that seemed endless but that still only had 4 DJs, the others being our favorite unsung heroes – master DJs of the Midwest, the likes of Carlos Souffront, Patrick Russell, and Mike Servito.

So Interdimensional Transmissions switched its focus to producing these underground events and in early December 2007, we threw No Way Back, a 12 hour party (that lasted 17) in a disused Detroit bank with a leaky roof. The leaky roof didn’t stop anybody though, and Derek took that as inspiration to run through an unfinished wall. There’s a YouTube video of that.

Reclaiming old spaces and transforming them with installations (parachutes, netting, amorphous lighted structures and abstract cosmic spray paint art) and major audiophile soundsystems were core elements of this underground party system. Derek talked IT into producing No Way Back during the DEMF, to share this rare thing with the world. By 2010 we had partnered with The Bunker to produce No Way Back for DEMF and also Brooklyn, which continues to this day.

We wanted to create music that would hit the sound system right at one of our parties. So between Plaslaiko’s move from New York City to Berlin, we took a day out to make some music. We had effortlessly created the basic groove when Erika came over for a brief visit and remarked “that bassline is like a child molester saying ‘get in my van'”. With that thought we took a little walk to the local convenience store, where we found more inspiration.

We were able to quickly write the lyrics and record all the pieces, and a raw mix was made that day that made it to tumblr, but the song was further refined in the mix over time and both BMG and Derek have made additional DJ tool dubs. The halftime intro / outro pieces were recorded at the beginning of the session.”