Moog unveil the Minitaur

Moog have unveiled details of the Minitaur bass synthesizer, the latest and most cost effective addition to the Taurus family.

Set for release in spring 2012, the Minitaur is Moog’s most affordable hardware synth to date with a temptingly low RRP of £499. Boasting a small desktop footprint of just 8.5” x 5.25”, the 100% analogue Minitaur features two oscillators with sawtooth and square waveshapes, full MIDI and USB control, CV and audio inputs, a MIDI-syncable triangle wave LFO for modulating VCF/VCOs, a Classic Moog ladder filter plus Two Minimoog-style ADSR Envelope generators with Release On/Off switch.

In keeping with the Moog tradition, artists such as Flying Lotus, Derrick May and Moby were amongst those consulted by Moog in the final stages of development. Watch the below video for an idea of the Minitaur’s power and keep an eye on Juno for its arrival!