Sandwell District is no more

As of December 31, 2011 the cult techno imprint Sandwell District have ceased “regular audio communications”.

The Sandwell District label was established in 2002 and was largely dedicated to techno explorations from a core number of artists that include Silent Servant, Regis, Female and Function. In latter years the label has come to the fore with a well recieved Sandwell District album released in late 2010 followed by subsequent long players from Rrose & Bob Ostertag and Yves De Mey as well as a slew of 12″ output from an ever increasing pool of artists.

A suitably vague message posted on the Sandwell District tumblr WhereNext? states that “all vinyl artefacts have been decommisioned” whilst adding that the Sandwell District collective will continue to “exist through live actions – which will continue to expand into new sonic territory.” The announcement was followed by an excellent new Sandwell District mix that includes material from the label’s artists as well as the likes of Throbbing Gristle, HTRK, Aphex Twin and Cabaret Voltaire.

RIP Sandwell District. See you on the other side.