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Best Of 2011: Staff Lists

To round off our Best Of 2011 coverage we called on our team of writers and asked them to come up with a personal list of their choosing. From the finest track titles to the best Bristol bangers via untitled jams and reasons to get excited about next year, here’s what they came up with.

Oli Warwick’s 10 best track titles:

1. 2562 – Winamp Melodrama
2. Wagon Christ – Ain’t He Heavy, He’s My Brother
3. Peverelist – Dance Til The Police Come
4. Lamech – Carnival Of The Hyper Spatial Elves
5. Bloodman – Worn Smooth Into Forever
6. Ulrich Troyer – Shoegazing Muff
7. John Heckle – If One Second Were A Million Years
8. Kuedo – Visioning Shared Tomorrows
9. Anstam – Stone Cold Hug
10 . Gold Panda – An Iceberg Hurled Northward Through The Clouds

Scott Wilson’s top 10 West Country bangers:

1. Vessel – Nylon Sunset EP (left_blank)
2. Julio Bashmore – Everyone Needs A Theme Tune EP (PMR)
3. Kahn – Illy (Punch Drunk)
4. Orphan101 – Propa (Apple Pips)
5. Arkist & Kidkut – One Year Later (Hotflush)
6.  Zhou – I Remain (Punch Drunk)
7.  Pinch & Shackleton – Pinch & Shackleton (Honest Jon’s)
8. Kowton – She Don’t Jack (Idle Hands)
9.  Andy Mac – Everytime (Punch Drunk)
10.  Addison Groove – This Is It (Tectonic)

Nik Mercer top 12″s of 2011:

1. Storm Queen – “It Goes On”
2. Populette – “Lasers Are Forever”
3. Todd Terje – “Ragysh”
4. Tiger & Woods – “Gin Nation”
5. Runaway – “Indoor Pool”
6. Locussolus – “Locussolus Remixes”
7. Marcos Cabral – “24 Hour Flight”
8. Psychemagik – “Shoes Off”
9. Cosmic Kids – “Reginald’s Groove”
10. Blondes – “Wine/Water”

Richard Brophy’s top 12″s and albums of 2011:


1. Reggie Dokes: Haiti/God of House (Clone Royal Oak)
2. Regis: In a Syrian Tongue (Blackest Ever Black)
3. Myriadd: Beyond This Life (Crème Jak)
4. Orphx: Apparition (Sonic Groove)
5. Sleeparchive: Ronan Point (Tresor)
6. Gesloten Cirkel: Moustache Techno 01 (Moustache Techno)
7. Francois X: The Countdown (Deeply  Rooted House)
8. V/A: The Labyrinth (Time To Express)
9. WK7: The Avalanche (Power House)
10. P.God: Neptune IV (Komisch)


1. Morphosis: What We Have Learned (MOS Recordings)
2. Skudge: Phantom (Skudge)
3. Planetary Assault Systems: The Messenger (Ostgut)
4. Surgeon: Breaking the Frame (Dynamic Tension)
5. Roll The Dice: In Dust (Leaf)
6. Alex Cortex: Kihon (Pomelo)
7. Reel by Real: Surkit Chamber: The Melding (Artless)
8. Steffi: Yours & Mine (Ostgut)
9. Gene Hunt: Chicago Dance Tracks 1 & 2 (Rush Hour)

Oli Keens’ top ten samples from ten top songs in 2011:

1. William Onyeabor’s “When The Going Is Smooth And Good” used on Daphni’s “Ye Ye”
2. BZ feat. Joanne’s “Jackie” used on Axel Boman’s “Purple Drank”
3. Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down” used on Blawan’s “Getting Me Down”
4. Page ft. Drake’s “I’m So Fly” used on Unknown’s “Sicko Cell”
5. C’hantal’s “The Realm” used on Crackboy’s “Something For Your Mind”
6. Buddy Miles’ “The Segment” used on Daphni’s “Yes, I Know”
7. Dexter Wansel’s “Theme From The Planets” used on Stalley ft Rashad’s “Slapp”
8. The Members’ “Radio” used on Duck Sauce’s “Radio”
9. Can’s “Vitamin C” used on Spank Rock’s “Energy”
10. Dialogue from BBC2’s “Lizzie and Sarah” used on Dolby Anol’s “Red Leather”

James Manning’s best Untitled’s for 2011:

1. Unbalance – Untitled (B1) [Unbalance]
2. Kowton – Untitled [Project Squared]
3. Kassem Mosse – Untitled 2 [Workshop]
4. Eduardo De La Calle – Untitled [Analogue Solutions]
5 .AnD – Untitled [Black Sun Records]
6. Untitled – Untitled [Untitled]
7. Grindvik & Pfirter – Untitled 1 [Stockholm LTD]
8. Relay – Untitled [Naked Index]
9. Handahofi-Toni Muski – Untitled [HANDAHOFI]
10. Mario Massaro – Untitled [M_Grey]

Matt Anniss’ 10 producers who defined 2011:

1. Deep Space Orchestra
2. The Wolf Music crew
3. Outboxx
4. Vakula
5. FunkinEven
6. Dan Snaith
7. Rocco Raimundo
8. Legowelt
9. Simoncino
10. FaltyDL

Tony Poland’s 12 reasons why music in 2012 will be soaked in goodness:

1. The Andy Stott remix of Blondes
2. Trevor Jackson’s muscle beat compilation on Strut
3. A new Actress album for Honest Jon’s
4. Ital’s sumptuous set for Planet Mu
5. 50 Weapons releasing an album from almost every important electronic musician currently in operation
6. FunkinEven and Fatima getting us hot under the collar on “Phoneline” – early contender for 2012 heater of the year
7. Italians Do It Better returning in style with new albums from Glass Candy and Chromatics
8. A Vakula album on………
9. The Minimal Wave Tapes: Volume 2
10 Andy Blake continuing to muster up the finest words to accompany the excellent World Unknown twelve inches.
11. D’ Marc Cantu’s album not album for MOS Deep
12. John Talabot – ƒin

Aaron Coultate’s top 10 10″s of 2011:

1. John Talabot/Marc Pinol – Hiverned 01 (Hivern Disc)
2. Tropic Of Cancer – Be Brave (Downwards)
3. Floating Points – Sais Dub (Eglo)
4. D’Marc Cantu – How Are We Doing/A Second Earth (M>O>S)
5. Auntie Flo – Oh My Days (Huntleys & Palmers)
6. Gretta Gunn – The Hunt (Alphabet Set)
7. Vakula – Unthank (Unthank)
8. West Norwood Cassette Library – Get Lifted (WNCL)
9. 2562 – Aquatic Family Affair (When In Doubt)
10. Marcellus Pittman – Marcellus Pittman (Lifetime Groove)