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Pantha Du Prince – Lay In A Shimmer review

Taken form Hendrik Weber’s acclaimed second album, Black Noise, “Lay in a Shimmer” continues the German producer’s transformation from deep techno player to indie/IDM champion. Eschewing the dance floor, “Shimmer” is based on a abstract, glitchy framework, with splintered percussive elements complimented by warbling electronic hooks – the kind that Boards of Canada used to excel at – and cloaked in dreamy textures. There are hints of the introspective qualities that his earlier releases for Dial had in spades, but also Seefeel’s love of layering. “Summerstrum” is more detached from Weber’s techno roots: granted, there are glitchy percussive licks again, but at the track’s heart is a jangling, breathless melody that floats in the air like fireflies at sunset.

The ‘Fata Morgana’ version of “Shimmer” accentuates the fragile hooks, and the cacophony of skewed, twisted percussion that accompany the succession of melodic surges suggests this version is also destined to remain a home listening treat. However, midway through, it surprises by veering into clipped 4/4 beats. “Ursonate 3” doesn’t offer such surprises: from the outset Weber sets his sights on creating a straightforward dance floor techno track. This he does adeptly with the help of loose, wayward drums and a resonating, throbbing bassline, but without losing the otherworldly sensibility that is a common theme on his productions.

Richard Brophy