Rondenion – Beginning Of The Ring EP review

Japanese producer Hirofumi Goto aka Rondenion follows up releases on Rush Hour, Aesthetic Audio and Still Music with more dope jams on Bosconi’s Extra Virgin sub-label. Goto opens with his own homage to slow-mo house, although Juno Plus eyebrows were initially raised when we clocked the BPM at a glacial 86. The thing is, it really works: too often slow house tracks simply sound like a 120 BPM tune pitched way down – but Rondenion inserts a killer groove on “Beginning of the Ring” that is actually sounds perfect as it is, blending a hip-hop tempo with clever sampling, while the heavy string work gives the track a vintage disco sheen.

Rondenion’s renowned MPC loving soul and disco-sampling style is also on full display for B Side track “In One’s Mind”, which could quite easily be Raw Cut #7. Goto’s preference for recording in the true spirit of Chicago house – live instrumentation, one take – keeps things generally uncluttered, allowing a relatively simple but inherently funky groove to prevail throughout.  The insouciant piano melody, shuffling hi-hats and uptempo beat on EP closer “Like A Child” mark it out as the most dancefloor friendly cut on this little gem of an EP.

Aaron Coultate