Optimo’s Teenage Fanclub

Glaswegian duo Optimo are set to release an album featuring talented young – and we mean young – musicians covering the likes of ESG, Iggy & The Stooges and the Kingsmen.

A cover of ESG’s “Moody” – as performed by two 10-year-old, Ghanaian born twins known as the Green Door Kids – has been posted on the Optimo Soundcloud page with the following explanation:

“Ever wanted to hear a bunch of kids tearing into the Stooges “I Wanna Be Your Dog” and the sublime garage classic “Louie Louie”? Ever wondered what it would sound like if you let an assortment of talented young musicians from some of Glasgow finest new bands let loose in a studio to record whatever they liked? And how about two 10 year old twins from Possil (via Ghana) covering the infectious minimal dance grooves of New York’s finest, ESG?

“Hells bells…your wait is over!”

Well we think that is simply awesome.

A release date has been set for November 23 via Optimo Music. The label launched in an auspicious manner recently with a remastered release of Chris Carter’s seminal The Spaces Between album.

The Green Door Kids – Moody (ESG Cover) by Optimo Music