Discreet Unit – Shake Your Body Down review

It’s been a long time coming but Prime Numbers FINALLY unleash the brilliance that is Discreet Unit’s “Shake Your Body Down” on the record buying public. The track has been a staple of the Firecracker/Prime Numbers crew all summer and is destined to fit snugly in the upper echelons of our favourite releases of 2010. Containing one of the warmest basslines these ears have ever heard, “Shake Your Body Down” references first wave Detroit techno and early Chicago house but has a contemporary feel that ensures it a status beyond mere pastiche. Whereas the A Side takes its influence from transatlantic house and techno progenitors, “Twilight” on the flip is steeped in the early European techno sound you’d find on R&S. Crisp driving percussion is slapped around by a violently pulsating acid line to a backdrop of odd brooding siren filled atmospherics. The final act of crunching kick drums and spectral key flourishes just add to the sense of intensity that runs throughout.

Tony Poland