Monte Carlo Interchange/ Benjamin Sun – Voyeurhythm EP 3 review

London based producer Benjamin Sun follows up his sterling efforts on the first two Voyeurhythm 12”s with this delicious slice of mid tempo house bliss. Shuffling percussion and a warm, low slung bassline herald the introduction to “Salty Tears”, and a full two minutes tick by before a sparkling piano melody rises up from the bowels of the track for maximum effect. This is underpinned by a lovely vocal, astutely plucked from the breakdown of a disco classic, pitched down and chopped into a sultry moan. Simply put, this is one of those tunes that will have people rushing over to the DJ booth to find out what the hell it is every time it gets played.

Sun’s effort is complemented nicely by “Speedway 75” from mysterious duo Monte Carlo Interchange. A more subtle beast, it takes the listener on a spacey house odyssey containing just the right mix of analogue bleeps, claps and synth squiggles. Now with three 12”s under their belt, the Voyeurhythm crew remain relatively unknown outside an inner circle of disco and house music cognoscenti – Juju & Jordash, San Soda, The Revenge, Bill Brewster and Jacques Renault are all confirmed fans – but this won’t remain the case for much longer.

Aaron Coultate