This week at Juno

Juno Plus editorial meetings often descend into screaming matches over which releases are better than others, and this week it was no exception.

Questions like ‘what to play in the office, the new Kompakt compilation or the Shed album?’ and, ‘is 10.15 in the morning too early to pop on the new Surgeon Fabric mix?’ were the cause of much debate.  (The answer to the latter is NO, by the way).

That aside, it’s been a sterling week in all departments, with new 12″s from the Crystal Ark on DFA and Craig Bratley on Instruments of Rapture adorning the vinyl shelves, alongside more mysterious techno from Skudge and the simply wonderful debut album from Norfolk’s finest, Luke Abbott.

Meanwhile over at Juno Download the prize for strangest, most musically captivating release of the week goes to October. Otherwise known as Caravan boss Julian Smith, October’s “That Placid Track” defies categorisation, as it shifts relentlessly between disco, techno and dubstep and is just one of those tracks that gets better with every listen.

Meanwhile the Fabrice Lig appreciation society gathered some momentum as the digital realm was finally graced with the Belgian producer’s excellent long player for Fine Art. There was also a killer Modeselektor remix package, some yummy Balearic disco on Needwant and new EPs from Ikonika and Katy B.

As always, happy hunting.