Plastikman – Kompilation review

Following a summer when Ritchie Hawtin has wowed festival audiences from Barcelona to Detroit with his newly revisited Plastikman project, Minus release this Kompilation. A Greatest Hits by any other name, it rounds up 8 of Hawtin’s personal favourite Plastikman productions. Kompilation is a chronological document too, commencing with the acid thump of “Plasticine” taken from 1993’s Sheet One and ending on the menacing abrasive throb of 2004s “Ask Yourself”. Sandwiched between you get the seminal machine drum funk of “Spastik” interspersed with the nocturnal insect stomp of “Kricket” and the escalating acid jack of “Marbles”. This release serves as a superb starting point for new converts who might have seen the Plastikman show at Sonar or Time Warp; it’s also handy for the Hawtin obsessives to see how their own Plastikman mp3 playlists compare to the master. In fact it’s more than enough to forgive him for THAT cube.

Tony Poland