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Kidkut – ILove04 review

Adam Jackson, known in dubstep circles as Kidkut, makes his long-awaited debut on Appleblim’s acclaimed Apple Pips imprint. The owner of Bristol-based label Immerse Recordings (which released early Benga as well as some more experimental stuff from TRG and Sigha) and erstwhile companion of the West Country dubstep massive, Kidkut has come up with a couple of excellent tracks, which would not be amiss in an aficionado’s record collection alongside the likes of Appleblim, Peverelist, Joe, and perhaps even Guido.

Now before we begin, yes, “ILove04” sounds like it could be the kind of thing you get emblazoned on a t-shirt, or an article you might read in Mixmag, but no, it goes much deeper than that. A tourist from dubstep’s past would no doubt go all misty eyed at the memory of 2004, but Kidkut ironically harks back to a previous time with sampled snippets, a brisk clip-clop rhythm and jolting chiming instrumental stabs. Gently shuffling, with soaring synthetics in the background, the occasional womp of sub bass is a reminder that this is no byproduct of the Joy Orbison generation, but a bonafide riddim from someone who’s been big in the game since its inception in the early noughties. Flipping over for “Lilt”, Kidkut tunes into a more melodic vibe, with a skipping breakbeat tempo, thudding breaks and an exotic medley of FX. Chirrups, bleeps, tribal patterns, quirky blimps and whinnying whistles punctuate the soundscape, making for a deliciously fragrant cut all round. Lovely.

Belinda Rowse